Top 5 Vintage Style Trends to Transform Your Home

Want to make your home look like a spread out of Southern Living? These vintage style trends are all featured in this month’s “Vintage Style” magazine. Follow me on a journey to do it for less.

This Season’s Vintage Style Trends

The impulse magazine rack rarely ever gets me. Between scandalous tabloid headlines and Cosmo’s 1000th new sex position, I am just not that interested. But for some reason Southern Living’s s”Vintage Style” was just speaking to me today. Maybe it was my recent relocation to rural Texas, or my lack of internet access for the week but against my better judgement I bought a magazine. (Side note: Why are magazines $13!? I use Texture to read Country Living, Do It Yourself Magazine, HGTV, and more and no paper waste!)


This is any decorative item that imitates or evokes Chinese or East Asian motifs. Think botanical scenes and pagodas as well as a classic blue and white combination.

Asian Chinoiserie Style - Vintage Style Trends | The Thrifty Decorator
Featured on The Interiors Addict

While it is timeless, it can also be unexpected as evidenced by Design Addict Mom’s feature on this amazing London apartment.

Chinoiserie Decorating - Vintage Style Trends | The Thrifty Decorator
This is anything but boring.

Thrifty Shopping Tip: Most sellers will not use the term chinoiserie especially on second-hand or auction sites. Instead look for asian or far east inspired pieces, which often have a lower price tag.

Wicker & Rattan

Wicker and rattan make me think of sipping lemonade on my grandmother’s front porch. They have been unfairly cast as dated front porch staples. Be part of the revolution, bring wicker inside!

How chic is this nautical dining room over at Our Boat House?

Decorating with Rattan - Vintage Style Trends | The Thrifty Decorator
The chairs make the room feel more grounded while bringing a bit of nature in.

Or these fabulous stools featured by Chango & Co.?

Wicker Bar Stools - Vintage Style Trends | The Thrifty Decorator

Thrifty Tip: Natural wicker can look timeless but sometimes you just need a pop of yellow or pink. There are so many great tutorials for painting wicker here is one of my favorites (she uses a paint sprayer, which I recommend if  you are an avid DIY-er). This is a great way to give a pair of garage sale chairs a makeover.


Lattice is another vintage style trend that aims to bring the outside in. No longer just for gardens with white picket fences, lattice can add striking contrast and texture to any space.

Whether it’s a hint of southern style on laundry room cupboards…

Lattice Cupboards - Vintage Style Trends | The Thrifty Decorator

or a show stopping archway direct from the pages of Southern Living

Southern Living Lattice Archway - Vintage Style Trends | The Thrifty Decorator

Lattice is in in a big way!

Thrifty Tip: Scour your local hardware store (and craigslist) for pre-made lattice sheets. These take a lot of the work (and expense) out of  elaborate installations.


Chintz is one of those things where you know it when you see it, but you maybe didn’t know the exact term (at least I didn’t). It is a classic floral pattern, but it is not just for tea sets.

While it tends to have a quite feminine reputation…

Chintz Decorating Repurposed - Vintage Style Trends | The Thrifty Decorator

It certainly has its’ place in any eclectic home

Chintz Decorating Repurposed - Vintage Style Trends | The Thrifty Decorator

Thrifty Tip: If you have sewing or reupholstering experience, look for worn out chintz bedding and curtains. Often vintage pieces have acquired stains or rips and can be found relatively inexpensively, then transformed into pillows or cushions.


Sometimes also called “Chinese Chippendale” these pieces are known for their iconic faux bamboo fretwork.

More recently, Chippendale chairs are getting a glossy makeover that move them outside of their Palm Beach legacy and into modern, eclectic, and even glam decorating styles.

Chinese Chippendale Chair Makeover - Vintage Style Trends | The Thrifty Decorator

YES! This is the same room. Go check out the transformation.Chinese Chippendale Chair Makeover - Vintage Style Trends | The Thrifty Decorator

Thrifty Tip:  I have never been lucky enough to score Chippendale chairs in the wild (garage sales, estate sales, etc) so if you can manage to snag them at a good price I am super jealous. Make sure they are sturdy but know you can tighten joints, fill holes, paint and reupholster if needed.

Which vintage style trend is your favorite?

Each of styles have their own unique voice, and I can’t wait to see how you blend them into a thrifty, eclectic home.

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